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Freedom - English

What is freedom? What does it feel like? How would your life look like if you lived in true freedom? What would you choose? What would you do?

When I think of freedom it’s to live a life that is beyond any restrictions and limitations. I find that most of the restriction and limitations come from the limiting points of view you have about the possibilities that arises. ‘No, I can’t because…’ ‘No, I shouldn’t because…’. When you think in terms of ‘shouldn’t’ you are living by somebody else’s set of rules.

Freedom is feeling that liberty to choose and to design your life the way you desire. Freedom is not to feel that you have to do something, but you do things because it’s fun and that you like it. Freedom is walking through life with a smile on your face and looking at the possibilities you would like to try out, like picking fruit at the market. The only thing limiting is your own beliefs system. If you would like a piece of fruit and you don’t have enough money for it, you could offer other things in exchange. Some sort of collaboration or deal. Investment is always in terms of money, energy, time and skills. If you keep an open mind new opportunities arise while walking to your local supermarket. For instance, just by patting someone’s dog I joined a local online group and exchange idea’s, gifts, initiatives and other collaborations. Life is full of surprises and the way you live your life right now is by the set of choices that you have made until now. It’s confronting and usually easier to hide and stay in blaming others or your past experiences.

The way I live my life is dynamic, energetic and 1001 different projects. It is not an ordinary life. I made a sprint to the life you are supposed to live and at the finish line I thought ‘Is this it?! Why are people choosing this? Boasting about it like your living the dream? This is so increadably boring! Where’s the challenge in this?’. This definitely wasn’t my dream! So I rocket the boat and got out. Fuck this shit! Let’s Live… I love the chaos of life, riding the highs, learning from the lows and using them as momentum to rise even higher. Go faster through the corners, where others slow down and choose to be careful.

I trust myself. I trust that I take care of me, I trust the world and I choose the people I share my dreams with. And then like magic, you meet the people that are willing to make an effort to make your dreams come true

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